Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media is here for good. That is, the big social media platforms are here for good. Almost every week a new platform emerges - some create a buzz for a while, some never get off the ground. Sadly, some disappear just as quickly as they arrived. We only focus on one aspect of social media - where the money is. When the data proves that there's money changing hands on a social media platform then you need to consider getting involved.

We help you create an audience, engage with your audience and SELL to your audience.

"If your business is not embracing social media then you are simply leaving money behind for your competitors to pick up"

"Friend" referrals are twice as likely to engage, and four times more likely to purchase.

Basic people principles show us that we like to rely on our friends and people that influence us to guide our decisions and to get new ideas, including what to buy, where we should go to eat, who to meet up with, what to wear, what to watch. So, by encouraging your brand loyalists, clients, connections and even employees to connect your business to their friends – its more meaningful and believable.

When someone hears about a business from a friend, a colleague or a family member, they are twice as likely to engage, and four times more likely to purchase. It’s always better for other people to promote your products and services than for you to – it’s simply seen as impartial, unbiased and based on a great interaction with your brand.

The platforms of choice.

This is where we focus your brand, your message and your engagement.

Facebook is the social media juggernaut. With around 1.8bn users, it’s bigger than Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp put together and there’s now over 18 million business pages. Marketing on Facebook is transforming how business is done and the amount of businesses using it to extend their reach continues to soar.

On Twitter there are about 2bn searches every day. This makes Twitter one of the world’s biggest search engines alongside being a globally recognised social media platform. Credited with bringing the hashtag to life, Twitter remains the place to go for fast and trending content and conversation.

Instagram boasts that over 70 million photos are shared every day on it’s photo centered platform. This social media heavyweight has become the fashionable social media channel of recent times. Marketers and brands use stunning images to paint mind pictures and influence consumers.

Social/search video platform. It provides the ability to share, comment, create an account, create content and attract followers in the form of subscribers. Some of the world’s biggest marketing success stories have come from YouTube. It’s never been easier to create video content and it’s never been easier to broadcast from you own video channel.

The Packages

Social Set Up

We will set up your social accounts and design all of your company pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Or we can re-design what you already have. We will integrate your social platforms with your website (when possible). We can give you all the tools you need to get your company live and kicking on social media.

Social Presence

Ideal for developing brand awareness and presence throughout your target market. Linking your website and your blog posts in order to share your content with as many potential buyers as possible. Regular content curation, creation and sharing to keep your brand in the limelight and in front of your customers.

Social Growth

Social growth deliberately focuses on using social media to increase your client base. Acquiring customers by growing your online community and achieving regular conversions through sales funnels across several digital touchpoints. This package does include premium social media advertising.

Social View

Running a successful YouTube or Vimeo channel is time consuming. Extensive thought and planning is required for each video. The content, equipment, scheduling, promotion, sharing plan and calls to action all need to be taken into account. We can advise, create or fully manage your video efforts.

Start sharing. Keep growing.

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