7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook For Business

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook For Business

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook For Business

No matter the size of the business, having a Facebook page is an absolute must.

With more than 2 billion users every single month logging in from their smartphones, tablets, and laptops, a business can get way more exposure to their target audience if they are involved in social media.

Facebook is the King of social media, with more users than ever logging in to Facebook throughout the day.

There are so many ways that a business can use Facebook to attract more customers to their website, which then leads to customers making a purchase and ensuring that their conversion rate is high.

It may seem difficult to use Facebook for business, but if you are versed in using it for personal use, you are already ahead of the curve.

You already know what it’s like to be a consumer on Facebook, so you know what you want from businesses out there. However, using Facebook for business is a little more of a minefield because the rules and the algorithms change often.

With the right strategies, though, you can ensure that your Facebook for business use is natural and used to your advantage. Below, we’ve put together seven of the most popular questions that are asked about Facebook for business, to give you a little more clarity about its use hopefully.

Why Do I Need A Facebook Business Page?

There are more reasons than we can fit into this article about why you need a Facebook business page in terms of building your business, but we’ll give you some of the rules about it, too. For example, did you know that you can’t use a personal profile page for a business?

Facebook has a Statement of Rights & Responsibilities that needs to be adhered to, and by having a profile page as your business page, you risk having it shut down – no matter how popular it is.

Facebook business pages also have a lot of benefits attached to them that the personal profile pages do not have. For example, a Facebook for business page is indexed by the search engines, and there is no upper limit to the number of fans allowed, whereas a private page can only have 5,000 friends (who the fuck has 5,000 friends?!).

Business pages also offer tailored analytics to your Facebook ads, and setting these up is straightforward, too!

Business Page VS Personal Page: What’s The Difference?

We’ve touched on the Statement of Rights & Responsibilities above, but Facebook primarily created its business pages to help those who don’t want to have a personal account for their business activity.

Not only that but all the rules we mentioned above? Those are still relevant. A business account is strictly for your business page; there is no confusion over who is writing responses – it will always be your business responding to consumer comments.

Facebook business pages

As a business account, you can’t view personal profiles of other Facebook users, but you can have a personal profile page outside of the business page should you wish.

How Can I Switch On Ratings & Reviews?

Facebook businesses often apprehensive about switching on their reviews section. This is usually because they’re afraid that one bad review will give their business a bad name, but this isn’t quite how the ratings and reviews section works.

If your business page is categorised as a local business and there is a physical address attached, the reviews and star ratings are displayed whether you set them up or not.

Of course, you can change this if you don’t want to show your reviews and ratings to the public, but you do need to enable it if you want people to know about you and learn what others think. To do this, follow these instructions;

  • Head to the About tab on your page
  • Find the Address section and click “edit.”
  • Check the box that says “show map,” “check-ins,” and “star ratings.”
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What’s The Best Way To Increase Interactions On Facebook?

Ah, content. It’s everything your business needs to draw the audience and make sure that you get the customers attention.

The best way to get more interactions with Facebook? Create as much fresh, unique content as possible and post, post, post! You need to make sure that you are visible to your audience at all times, and when there are interesting topics, compelling content, and captivating competitions to look at, you’re going to have a winning streak of interaction on your page.

The more people interact, the more they share your stuff, and the more you get further custom.

Can I Automate My Posts?

Absolutely. As a business, you need to save as much of your time as possible. You could spend a couple of days writing fantastic content for your business page, but that doesn’t mean that you have the time to post it.

There are several posting software systems available, post planner and buffer to name a couple.

Don’t forget, though; you can’t automate your personality. So when you do schedule posts to load up, make sure you can still interact with customers in response.

How Do I Make My Business Page?

This is one of the most popular questions with the most straightforward answers. Creating a business page is very simple! Check out the steps below:

  • Click on the link that says “Create a Page” at the bottom of any page on Facebook.
  • Select the type of page you want to begin. So, this can be a Brand, a Cause, or an Organization page. Most people choose the last option to make it clear to viewers what the page stands for.
  • Type in your business name and fill in the information requested
  • Click “Agree” to the Facebook terms of service

And there you have it: you’ve just created a Facebook business page.

Is It Possible To Change The URL?

If you have a change of name for your business, or you diversify the name slightly, you will want to be recognised by those who search for you. The page URL is your username, so if your business name has changed, you’ll need this to change, too.

A little warning: You can only change this name ONCE. Just once.

After that, it’s a case of deleting your page and starting again, which you will want to avoid! The main FAQs on your Facebook business page can help you in the right direction.

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