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Website Upgrades

Almost every business depends upon their website to attract customers as it is one of the most important marketing tools. In the competitive online marketplace, it is important to make sure your website is professional, up-to-date and functional.

Website upgrades are a brilliant way to guarantee your website is working effectively and efficiently. Whether you have an old website or have created your own site using DIY web design packages, here at Ruff Idea we can create a modern, responsive website design which will drive your business forward.

It is usually recommended that a website should be upgraded every three years, as design trends and developments can change very quickly. Upgrading your website can bring a variety of benefits to your business and will instantly provide your business with a new lease of life.

Website Upgrades
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Improve your website’s functionality and speed

The page load speed is the first thing which a potential customer will notice when they visit your website. Modern websites need to be quick to keep up with visitor demands for almost instant access to information. If your website is taking just a few seconds too long to load there is a high chance that the visitor will become impatient and leave. We can implement a variety of techniques to ensure each page across your site loads quickly, leading to satisfied visitors and more customers.

Alongside ensuring your website is fast, it also needs to be functional. An increasing number of people browse websites using smart devices, so it is essential to make sure your website is responsive to all devices. We can upgrade your website design so that visitors can view it on smartphones and tablets, whilst also be compatible on browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Improve search engine optimisation (SEO)

One of the most important reasons to upgrade your website is to improve search engine optimisation (SEO). Search engines are continually updating their algorithms to search for websites which are the most relevant to their visitors. This means an old website which has not been updated for a while is likely to suffer from poor visibility.

A modern website with well-written content, excellent navigation and working links is likely to be ranked in a high position on Google. If you want potential customers to find your business online, it is essential that the search engines know of its existence and value.

Create a great impression

Beyond the page load speeds and functionality, visitors will also be searching for a modern and professional website. An old, dated website will not give visitors the great impression which your business requires, instead it can make your organisation seem out-of-date and unprofessional. We can upgrade your website so that it looks clean, fresh and modern, which will encourage visitors to stay on the site for longer.

We will work closely with you to redesign and upgrade your website, to provide it with the functionality and visibility it requires to move your business forward. To find out more about our website upgrade services, please contact our team today.

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