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When it comes to expert SEO Leicester, businesses can access the vital online marketing services that they need here at Ruff Idea. We are a respected and effective digital marketing agency offering expertise in national and local Leicester SEO.

Why does local SEO in Leicester matter?

If you are a business with a geographic base and a local market, you already know that your digital channels are essential for promoting your business to customers, providing brand exposure and offering a direct route to market for those all-important conversions.

SEO & strategic digital marketing for Leicester businesses

We provide services to improve your local SEO Leicester-wide to ensure that your business is visible amongst the competition when customers are searching for your products and services. Search engines are now prioritising locally optimised businesses for geographic customer searches and high rankings require expert set-up, optimisation and maintenance of local Leicester business listings. Simply put, when your customers search for terms that relate to your business, you need to make sure that your website is instantly returned as a high-ranking result. This involves a careful programme of targeted work and ongoing time and investment in local SEO.



SEO Leicester

Don’t let your competitors SEO move ahead…

Without this regular and sustained investment in locally-optimised Leicester SEO,your competitors will enjoy a more favourable ranking position and greater visitor numbers and conversions. Remember, most online users will simply click on the top result that they see – so yours needs to be right up there for your relevant search terms. Do nothing and you’ll start to slip down the rankings.

How we deliver SEO Leicester

Our team of SEO experts employ a wide range of high-quality, reputable SEO techniques to help you to develop, maintain and sustain an excellent position for your Leicester SEO. We only use techniques that maintain the integrity of your brand and reputation. Some unscrupulous SEO providers still claim to offer overnight results which can only be achieved through the use of ‘black hat’ or discredited techniques that will leave your website penalised or even blacklisted entirely. We don’t tie anybody into contracts, we are a professional and value-led business with an excellent reputation for quality delivery and a very happy client base.

SEO & digital marketing services include:

We carry out a wide range of SEO activities according to our client’s needs. For example:

1. Delivery of a website audit, to see whether optimisation work needs to be done to improve your customer journeys, to fix any bugs, to identify missing keywords from your content and to generally make sure your website operates as well as it should for your customers.

2. Research of relevant keywords and delivery of a tailored content plan that matches your Leicester SEO needs for local optimisation.

3. Delivery of SEO targeted actions, from meta-tagging and correct set-up of local business pages through to content creation and placement and cross-linking with social media accounts.

4. Support with PPC and other online marketing initiatives.

5. Website design, if required. Either a new website from scratch or expanding your existing site to incorporate your new SEO strategy.

6. Social media campaigns, paid or organic, to help branding, awareness and general SEO efforts.

Tailored and evidenced

We only deliver tailored SEO plans that suit each of our clients’ needs, rather than simply suggesting a templated programme of work on a ‘one size fits all’ basis. We work around your budget and objectives and we seek to evidence the ranking results of the work we have implemented at every turn so that you have clarity on the return that your digital marketing budget is obtaining.

SEO Leicester: Strategies For Your Business

A local SEO strategy can be a brilliant way to market your business in specific localities online. The aim is to promote your business to customers in specific localities, at the exact time they are searching for the specific product or service.

Technical SEO involves optimising a website for the indexing and crawling phases. By enabling search engines to access your website, crawl, understand and index it, there are unlikely to be any technical issues which prevent your site from being listed in search results.

For many online retailers, excellent SEO is the key to success, but it can be a difficult aspect of website management due to the regular changes and updates to search engine algorithms, alongside a variety of conflicting advice.

The SEO consultancy process always begins with a complete analysis of your website, alongside in-depth discussions with the key stakeholders in the business. By analysing your current level of traffic achieved through organic searches we will be able to see which areas of the site are not performing well. We then carry out a technical review of the site and its content, which gives us a detailed understanding of what must be included in our SEO strategy.

SEO Services For Leicester

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO techniques are designed to help get a website or webpage appear higher in a search engine’s results page. There are many different techniques used by different experts based on the various objectives of a website owner and the current state of said website.

What Are The Best SEO Techniques?

All are important; website audits, keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink building, on page content, website structure…the list not exhaustive.

What Is SEO Link Building?

Link building is a technique by which links are acquired from other websites ‘back linking’ to your website which, in theory, increases the target website’s authority. This helps to encourage search engines to display your webpage higher up in the search rankings.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The cost of SEO should be based on time. Most agencies will charge an hourly rate and so the harder it is to rank a website, the more time is needed which will cost more. Be wary of ‘cheap’ and faceless SEO websites that claim the Earth and more – poor quality SEO can damage your site’s rankings far more quickly than good quality SEO can improve them.

How Quickly Will SEO Work?

A good quality SEO campaign will rank your website. How long it takes will be down to several factors, particularly how competitive the search terms you want to appear for are and what geographical location you are trying to target. A good agency will set realistic expectations as, in many cases, SEO is a long term strategy.

Is SEO The Best Form Of Digital Marketing?

It’s certainly a great way to drive relevant traffic to your website but should only be used as part of a wider marketing mix that might include Facebook ads, Google ads, e-mail marketing or more traditional methods such as leaflet drops and print advertising.

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