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Our SEO pricing helps to deliver great value for money. Below will find a ‘ruff’ guide to the cost of running a campaign. No two SEO campaigns are the same, too many variables make it almost impossible to use fixed prices. A great start would be to get your website audited (if you haven’t done so already):¬†

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All SEO campaigns include: Multiple Focused Keyphrases, Longtail Keyphrases, Competitor Analysis, Ongoing Link Building, Link Indexing, Your Own Dashboard, rank tracking, email support, telephone support.


Regional campaigns also include some content creation and help with your Google Maps Listing (if required). Major & National campaigns include our blog outreach service.

Local, Regional & Major

What's The Difference?

When budgeting for SEO the only thing you are effectively paying for is a professional’s time.
This is the pivotal reason that there’s rarely a fixed price offering from a genuine agency.

There are a multitude of factors to take into account when estimating how much time is needed every month to manually apply the techniques that will work for your site. Those factors include the current build of your website, your content, the demand for the keyphrases that you want to rank for, the industry you operate in, the level of competition you’re up against, where you currently rank in Google, how Google currently views your website, the geographical area you wish to target, the population density of that area and more.

When you use an agency that offers a fixed price then there is a high probability that some or most of the work is automated through SEO software – not necessarily a bad thing, we just don’t believe in such a ‘blanket’ approach.


Local SEO programmes are perfect for local business that want to appear at the top of Google for their type of business locally. This is ideal for small businesses, start ups and businesses based in towns, for example; Peterborough, Newport, Hunstanton, Chesterfield, Winchester, Yeovil, Loughborough, Grantham, Doncaster, Harrogate, Livingstone¬† etc etc…


Regional SEO campaigns are designed, run and maintained for companies that need to appear on Google in larger areas/towns or UK cities. They require more work and more hours spent on them. Examples would be; Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Sheffield, Bristol, Exeter, Brighton, Milton Keynes, Coventry, York, Wrexham, Cardiff, Chester, Preston, Bolton, Carlisle, Durham, Aberdeen etc etc…


SEO Major campaigns are for major UK cities. A huge amount of work is involved in getting to the top of search rankings and just as much work is required to stay at the top. Competition is fierce, so if you are starting from nowhere an SEO campaign may not be the fastest route to a new influx of leads, you may want to try a ppc campaign first (ie Facebook ads). The obvious examples of major UK cities are; Birmingham, Manchester, London, Glasgow, Leeds etc etc…

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